Smart solutions for lower storage costs, faster picking and a better working environment

Many companies lose a significant amount of time and money by not handling and picking goods efficiently. To solve this problem, we’ve focused on pull-out storage units and have created a myriad of different variation on the theme – in fact we now have the biggest range on the market, every one a smart solution to a real-world challenge! We have two publications to support you in choosing from the Smart Storing range: a Product Guide which gives a general overview  of why we think our storage solutions are the best, and a Magazine which covers the complete range in more detail. Click here:

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e-EPU electric Pull-out unit

Smart Storing´s e-EPU (Ergonomic Electric Pull-out Unit) further improves ergonimics by eliminating all manual handing forces.

e-EPU – is suited for applications where  heavy goods are picked from pallets, often with help of an overhead crane or other lifting tool. It´s also possible to use the e-EPU in a robot cell and integrate it into a fully automatic picking solution. The load capacity is up to 1500 kg.

Easy installation, the e-EPU is attached to a pallet rack with 4 bolts and the power cable is plugged into a normal 230 VAC socket. It´s controlled by push buttons in a seprate control panel. On request we offer radio control.

e-EPU halves cycle times with fully automatic operation – Either you start the run-out operation using pushbuttons via a wired control box or you use a wireless control box.

This makes it possible to have the material extracted and presented to the operator when he arrives, which shortens the handling time considerably.

The electric pull-out unit is equipped with a crash protection and a light signal that signals that the unit is in motion.

The front panel can also act as a start signal to start the inward movement when the unit has stopped in its exstended position. This allows the operator to have both hands free for picking and handling goods by starting the unit by lightly pressing on the plate with the leg or hip.