Floor-mounted pull-out units


Floor-mounted (FM) units fit under the rack and are compatible with almost any type of pallet racking, but can also be used as free-standing units.
They are fixed to the floor with bolts through the lower frames, which act as rails for the upper frames to slide out on bearings, and are supported by high quality pallet truck wheels at the front. Being able to pull the units out of the rack allows for safe and easy access to stored goods!
Cost-saving ergonomics are a primary consideration with FM units, as with all Smart Storing designs. Each model uses the right sizes and numbers of quality ball bearings, so they’re strong, reliable and easy to slide in and out. Guide rails ensure the units stay in line when pulled out, and can be pushed back in without effort.
A safety latch is automatically engaged when the unit is in the rack. This prevents the unit from being unintentionally pushed out from the other side of the rack. (This feature is especially important when using rear loaded units or units placed in a double rack, where they can be hit from behind when loading the opposite unit).

  • Up to 85% extension when pulled out
  • Backstops are an integral part of the unit
  • Unit locks when pushed back into the rack
  • Loading capacities from 600 kg to 1200 kg per unit
  • Easy to install – simply fix to the concrete floor using expanding bolts
  • Guide bearings protect the unit from being knocked off the rails in the event of side impacts
  • Units are U-shaped and low profile, so they can be loaded with a manual pallet jack or stacker truck as well as a normal fork-lift truck
  • The low profile of the units also saves on valuable vertical space – meaning you get more picking levels within the same height

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