Heavy tool storage

If you operate production processes involving the use of heavy tools, dies and moulds, you might have a storage problem. These are not easy items to handle, and yet their ready availability is crucial to everyday operations.
When you need to swap tools on the production or assembly line, you want to be able to find the rigt tool and get it in place quickly and efficiently, and you don’t want it damaged or misplaced, as these are costly items to replace. At the same time you absolutely want to avoid heavy and awkward lifting for your employees, bearing in mind the cost of work-place injuries and claims.
If you face any of these challenges, you need a Smart Storing solution för your heavy tools and dies!

  • Choose between 70% or 100% extension
  • High quality ball bearings
  • Load capacity up to 1 500 kg per unit
  • Can be fitted in almost any type of pallet racking
  • Double-thickness steel shelf panels for high point loads
  • Automatic safety locks hold the units in the pushed-in position
  • Size of units can be custom-made to fit the tools you want to store, thus saving space
  • Easy to load and retrieve with overhead cranes, especially with the 100% extension option making it possible to get all the items, even those placed at the back of the unit
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