Linked units for long goods and sheet materials


Pull-out units in a racking system are often the best way of storing palletised goods, but what do you do with longer items or sheet materials which won’t fit into a pallet space? Do you have to keep them in another part of your store, or on pallets on the ground, with the delays and inconvenience that involves? Not any longer!

Smart Storing has an elegant solution: we link two pull-out units together with a mid-section. Mount the Linked Units on a beam in your standard pallet racking and you have a cost-effective and practical long goods storage unit at a convenient working height amongst your regular inventory.

  • 70% and 100% extension units are available.
  • Can also be floor-mounted out of the rack with accessory feet
  • Can be mixed in with other pull-out units, even one shelf at a time
  • Handle sheet materials up to 3 m x 1.5m and up to 1600 kg per unit
  • Handle long goods up to 3m length and weighing up to 1600 kg per unit
  • Compact storage with up to six levels within an ergonomic handling height
  • Different types and sizes of materials needed for the same process can be stored all together
  • Pull-out units mean goods can be loaded with a crane or a fork lift truck, and are typically picked with a crane or a vacuum lifter
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