Marking and labelling


Clearly marked and labelled storage makes it quicker and easier to pick orders. Smoother order picking means faster turnaround, more efficient use of staff time and lower costs for your business. Can you afford to waste time searching for unmarked pallets, or labels that have fallen off or become unreadable?

We have a complete range of plastic pockets, specially adapted for each storage solution: for pallets themselves, pallet collars, pallet containers, mesh containers (Gitterbox), cartons, bins, Euro crates and pallet box dividers.

Please ask for our tips, whether self-adhesive, magnetic or stapled pockets will suit your needs best. One of our specialities is the plastic pocket in clear PVC, with an integral wire hanger – a very versatile item for securing a label in many places, available in six different sizes.

  • This product uses EU approved plasticisers (free from dangerous ortho-phtalates)
  • Environmentally friendly production methods
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