Mobile pallet units


Mobile Pallet Units are like Compact Storage Units but for handling pallets. That means they can be loaded with a fork lift truck, and they are strong enough to take a heavy loading. However they are also designed for easy mobility – either using a fork lifter or by fitting wheels. Often used at assembly stations in larger factories.

If you manufacture large equipment such as generating plant or turbine assemblies, you have to supply your workstations with a range of parts, many of them heavy. The usual situation is pallets littered all around, getting in the way and often still not having everything you need to hand, so someone has to go looking for a fork lift and drive to the storage racking or parts shed.

Delays are inevitable and accidents likely. Mobile Pallet Units with pull-out shelves place your parts and components exactly where you need them, right where you are working. They’re compact, easy to restock and convenient to use. Because they make for much more efficient use of space, they also mean you can set up more assembly stations in the same factory space.

  • Up to 600 kg per shelf
  • Very strong and versatile
  • Also available with wheels (shipped separately)
  • No installation. The units are shipped fully assembled and quality tested.
  • Short-side, long-side or four-way fork entrance for easy transport within the factory
  • All units fitted with tip prevention device: a safety lock prevents more than one shelf being pulled out at once.
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