Pallet box accessories


Once you have your storage, how will you make best use of it? This section is about how you can divide up your storage units for storing smaller items – and how you can find them again when you want them! Plus, some innovative solutions for economical temporary storage using pallet collars.

Pallet box dividers

You’ve used a pallet collar on a pallet with a bottom board to make a simple and economical storage box. Now you want to divide it up to store multiple batches of small items. We have three different ways of achieving that for you. Any of them will bring order and efficiency to your storage; they differ in flexibility, strength and the numbers of compartments they can provide. All are made of recyclable materials.


Here we have some handy tricks for completing the transformation of ordinary everyday pallets into really useful storage solutions. Pallet collar boxes are cheap, quick to put together and easy to take apart and store when not needed, but in their basic format they are not as rigid as you might sometimes like. That means they’re not easy to move around, and nor can you stack them when loaded. Unless you have Smart Storing accessories!