Smart storage for building supplies


Builders’ merchants and large DIY stores selling building supplies offer a challenge in terms of efficient storage that can also be practical in a modern retail environment. In builders’ yards and trade outlets, storage units can be of an industrial type, with an emphasis on ease of loading by fork lift truck, whereas in DIY centres and retail premises, smart appearance and convenience for the general public are important.

The modern supplier of building materials has to carry a huge range of different products from what were previously quite separate branches. When these are stored on racking, it’s not smart if they need a fork lift or a ladder to fetch them down. Better systems are needed – and everything on sale should be clearly visible and presented in an inviting way.

At the same time, often we now have large and bulky goods, previously kept in sheds in a yard, occupying prime retail space. So there is an absolute requirement for storage that is highly compact and versatile as well as being accessible for the public.

Smart Storing has a wide range of products to meet the demands of this challenging market.

  • Bulk storage of sheet materials
  • Using the wasted space above other display units
  • Displaying flooring materials such as tiles, laminates, wood flooring
  • Dense storage of heavy bagged products such as plaster and cement
  • Storage of goods on pallets, which require access for fork lift trucks
  • Avoiding repeated handling of sawn and planed timber which comes in bundles
  • Storage and display of small accessories along with the larger items they belong with
  • Storing long goods like planed timber, mouldings, plastic pipes etc vertically to save space
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