Tailor-made products


At SmartStoring we don’t just buy in other people’s products. We design and manufacture ourselves. So why not talk to us about how to turn your dream storage solutions into reality?

Don’t feel you are stuck with our standard size ranges. You can choose your own dimensions and we’ll make the units for you. Perhaps the units don’t look quite right for your colour scheme? We can fix that too, with a complete range of colours and claddings to order. Or maybe you want to do something different with your storage units that no-one else has thought of? Not a problem, just give us a call!

Here you can see examples of some tailor-made solutions we’ve provided for other customers. As you can see, there are many possibilities!

SPECIAL SIZES: Standard units can be manufactured for you in non-standard sizes 


SPECIAL CLADDING: Standard units can be fitted with exterior cladding or finishes to improve their appearance or functionality


SPECIAL FUNCTIONS: Standard units can have complementary products fitted for particular purposes


INTEGRATED SYSTEMS: Standard units can be combined with other equipment and in many different ways, for example to create workstations, assembly lines and picking faces