Safety & design

We take safety seriously…

… at every stage of the process. We don’t want people to get hurt, and we also know that unsafe practices and equipment cost money in terms of time lost, sickness pay and reduced efficiency, as well as regulatory fines.

Even at the design stage we are thinking safety. Units are designed so they are solid and stable. Many of our products can be equipped with safety locks to ensure that only one unit at a time can be pulled out, thus avoiding the risk of tipping or overload.

Using high quality steel with known and consistent properties also contributes to safety. There are no unexpected weak spots where the metal is liable to fatigue, and we can predict accurately the overall loadings our products can handle. High quality and consistent welding also maintains reliability.


Our specified load ratings allow a wide safety margin, so you can be sure that the loads we specify are real world figures, valid for repeated daily use, not just for a one-off test. However, we also carry out overload tests using up to twice the specified load. Even when our units are so overloaded that they get damaged (mistakes can happen, after all), we make sure that they remain safe. Beware of cheap imitations!

All of our range is also designed with ergonomics in mind. If there is a more effective way for the human body to interact with the storage equipment, we are thinking about it. We have solutions to avoid heavy lifting and awkward stretching, so that your workforce stays fit and healthy. Handles and levers are in the right place and help to move heavy loads efficiently without straining. Worksurfaces are at the right height. Extensive use of pull-out shelves with quality ball bearings reduce the likelyhood of injuries and accidents.

Design and engineering are fundamental…

… to our business success. Naturally we use a 3D CAD system in our design work – not just for our own ease, but so that we can share accurately drawn scale plans and clear computer-generated images with our clients during the offer process, and they can see exactly what they will be getting.


Wherever possible we also run simulations, for load testing for example, which saves the time and expense of making prototypes and means we can offer shorter lead times at a better price.

Manufacturing happens on site at our own factory in Sweden, so we have control of the whole process. That way we can offer an efficient service, avoiding mistakes and delays.